Recruiting Combine

The recruiting combine consists of two parts. A mandatory parents information meeting and a one-day selection process (“the combine”).  A Combine will take place at the beginning of the Spring/Outdoor season and at the beginning of the Fall/Indoor Season. This event is for children between the ages of 5-10 who aspire to be elite tennis players.

In order to complete registration for this tryout, parents must attend one of the “Parent Meetings” (see Upcoming Events) or request a waiver from our coaching staff.

Part one: Parent Meeting – 7:00pm-8:30pm (no fee)

Agenda of Meeting

CCL Strategy:

  • Town Hall style meeting with parents and coaches. Topic: “How to a Grow a Super-Athlete.” 
  • Focus on training logistics
  • Dietary intake analysis.

Part two: Performance Evaluations – 6:00am – 10:00am ($195 fee)

Combine Evaluation Criteria:

  • Agility
  • Spatial relationship between the child and the child’s body
  • Endurance
  • Performance in a variety of athletic tests

Evaluations are designed to analyze players’ attitude, skill set, and commitment to high performance coaching.


  • Attire – White shirt or top (2), shorts, skirt, cross-training shoes, and towel
  • Medical certification
  • One liter of water or more
  • Fruit including a banana
  • Dietary log sheet(s)
  • Bring a lunch 

Combine Schedule

6:00AM-7:00AM – Endurance Challenge (3-5 miles)

7:30AM-8:00AMIndividual leg hops

8:00am-8:45AM – Changing footwork drills, three-quarter-court sprint time and behavior analytics.   

8:45AM-9:15AMSwinging tests (include forehand, backhand and serve)

9:15AM-9:45AM – Eye, hand and feet coordination, and spatial drills

9:45AM-10:00AMTennis relays

Responding as notice of attending

 Please RSVP only if accepting the invitation. The daily dietary log sheet and medical clearance/certification will be sent to you once we have your acceptance.

You must submit completed accurate daily dietary log sheets, medical clearance/certification and registration fee in order for your child to participate in the combine. No exceptions.

Day two (2) Registration Fee is ($195) per child