Our Philosophy

Being exceptional at anything is often attributed to one’s genes or raw talent; but that’s not the whole story. We believe that proper a training environment plays a large part in the development of a high performance athlete.

Our training philosophy has two components:

The first extends from the “10,000 hour rule” made popular in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers. This rule tells us that if a student dedicates 10,000 hours (or more!) to a practice in a particular field, they can be one of the best at that discipline. It is for this reason that we are always looking for young players that are willing to work hard. In order to capture the hours needed to accomplish greatness, an athlete needs to give himself or herself a long enough runway to get there. Our players will build their practice hours over time. Completed practice hours as outlined in our programs is the cornerstone of philosophy, and we know that the results will show in their development and in their success as match players.

Our second component of training is personal accountability. Our program is rigorous and bad habits can lead to bad performance. We strongly believe in keeping track of the nutritious food our players are eating and holding them accountable for their indulgences. As our players progress through our program, their bodies will crave the fuel needed to be a great athlete, including adequate water and sleep. Dedication to these good habits will keep them on the right track for when they are competition-ready.