About Centre Court Logistics

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Centre Court Logistics is an elite high-performance tennis training program for aspiring young athletes. To compete at the top level, tennis requires rigorous conditioning, mental toughness, a deep knowledge of court specifications and a sufficient amount of time spent practicing the craft. In addition, we stress to our students how performance can be affected by nutrition, adequate sleep and properly functioning equipment.

We believe in teaching children these holistic components at the start of their tennis careers so that it becomes second nature as they succeed to higher levels. Our areas of primary focus include, but are not limited to:

  • On and off court strength, agility and conditioning training
  • Completion of the required number of practice hours at each level
  • An understanding of court geometry as it relates to ball placement
  • Accountability for proper nutrition, hydration and sleep
  • Respect for equipment (including maintaining properly strung racquets and appropriate footwear)